Blossoming Lotus

"To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance" -
Oscar Wilde

Tantra is about coming home to yourself, to discover the essence of who you really are. One of the ways to open your consciousness and become more alive is to experience states of bliss in full surrender, allowing yourself to receive completely through the mystery of breath, conscious touch, stimulation of the senses.

Perhaps you desire to discover more about your own sexual energy, for your own benefit or to also enhance your intimacy with your partner. Maybe you just feel stressed out and 'stuck', and can't seem to feel peace and fulfillment. Whatever your reasons, Tantra and Tantra Massage are designed to assist you to become energized and relaxed at the same time, and to open to a state of being that will gradually transform your life. Tantra Massage is just one method for exploring and embodying the elemental life force, or sexual energy, and then cultivating it for whatever you choose to use it for.

It is my intention to offer you a doorway to bliss, so that you may know the ecstasy that is already inside of you. I honor your path, and I will treat you with respect and love.

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